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Mr. Manners' Journal
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Monday, January 17th, 2005
9:34 am
Boorishness and Communal Living
Dear momentsmusicaux:

Sadly, Mr. Manners cannot view the contents of your protected entry. Nevertheless, he is willing to blindly offer what he hopes is some beneficial advice based on the information forwarded to him by his good friend prolixfootle. Hopefully, Mr. Footle has passed along the correct information.

If the information is correct, Mr. Manner’s suggests honesty. Not brutal honesty, but honesty nonetheless. Perhaps something along the lines of:

“Ms. Senior, might I have a word? I know what I’m about to say might sound a bit caddish, and I sincerely hope you won’t take it the wrong way, but, in all honesty, the level at which you play music makes my situation, which is already difficult, even worse. You see, when one has a constant level of discomfort, it is always difficult to concentrate on a task, and adding any other distraction – no matter how trite or inconsequential it seems to others – makes concentration nearly impossible… and with your living area being located so near to all of the areas which I might use… well, you can see my dilemma.”

If the polite but honest approach fails, Mr. Manners suggests sabotage of the offending hi-fi equipment.

One hopes that this meager advice will help alleviate your awkward situation.


Mr. Manners

Current Mood: civil
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